Plastic Surgeons provide a wide variety of services to patients with regards to breast surgery.

The operations range from cosmetic to reconstructive and a combination of the two. At Mile High Plastic Surgery, we are happy to offer a full complement of breast surgeries. Below is a brief description of each service provided, please see the individual web page you are interested in for further information.


The process of enlarging the breasts has become fairly common and well understood. Todays surgeries and breast implants allow for consistent, safe, and excellent results tailored to your desired look.

Breast Lift

Time, gravity, pregnancy, and a variety of other factors affect the size, shape, and consistency of the breasts. The breasts begin to sag and there are a several surgical procedures we can do to lift, shape, and renew the breast to a more youthful look and feel.

Breast Reduction

Large, heavy breasts can take a toll on a woman’s body. Signs and symptoms range from bra strap grooving and functional limitations to infections under the breasts, and pain in the neck and back. This medical problem can be cured with a breast reduction, please see us for a free consultation to discuss your options.

Breast Reconstruction

Most patients undergoing breast reconstruction are doing so because of breast cancer. Dr. Roesner has extensive experience caring for breast cancer and reconstructive patients. Our caring team will explain every step of the process and all of your options and we work with you at your pace. We are here for you.

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